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How to increase efficiency and performance of databases? How to implement anonymization and a real time replication? And does dynamic test automation always request a developer? The P4P Solutions GmbH – Partner for Performance provides the right answers to all of this questions. As a consultant and assistant, we offer users, service providers and software vendors individual advice – always based on our great wealth of experience. Our database centered services include tools for monitoring, analysis, replication and randomization. On this basis, we put our clients in position to ensure lasting performance and stability for users – and, of course, to increase capacity. In addition, we offer users of Microsoft Dynamics support for code-free test automation.


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P4P Solutions GmbH
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Michael Roedeske

Michael Roedeske


For more than 25 years in IT, the last 15 years as a specialist in database performance optimization and high availability for Microsoft SQL Server as well as test automation and performance testing with focus on Microsoft Dynamics. As Managing Partner of P4P Solutions GmbH – Partner for Performance, I help companies increase and secure the performance and quality of their database and Dynamics environments through the correct use of software solutions and my experience.

About Us

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